The rules here at Rougham Carp Fishery are mainly common sense and are designed to ensure good fish welfare and enjoyment to all anglers.

General Rules

  1. Access to the fishery is from the main gate only which is to be kept locked at all times.
  2. All vehicles must be parked in the car park only.
  3. Season tickets are none transferable.
  4. No swimming or wading, access to the far bank is forbidden.
  5. No pets allowed.
  6. No litter to be left on banks including cigarette butts. Please take all litter home.
  7. No fish to be removed from or introduced into the fishery.
  8. Once fishing you may leave the lake with gear set up for a maximum of 6 hours.
  9. No none angling guests without prior permission from the management.
  10. Excessive drinking and unruly behaviour will not be tolerated.

Fish Care Rules

  1. No sacking of any fish, fish can be retained for up to 20 minutes in a retainer sling for photographic purposes only.
  2. Carp cradles/cots cradles must be used for all fish captures.
  3. All anglers must be in possession of carp care antiseptic treatment.
  4. All anglers must have a minimum of 42” landing net.
  5. Fish must be transferred from and too the lake in a sling or net and never carried by hand.
  6. Unhooking mats, nets and slings must be dry before being brought onto the fishery.

Angling Rules

  1. A maximum of 2 rods can be used until the 1st October then 3 rods can be used.
  2. No nuts, peas or beans to be used.
  3. Freezer boilies only.
  4. Microbarbed hooks only, no bent hook rigs.
  5. No fixed leads or shock leaders.
  6. No braided line to be used on fishing rods, marker/spod rods only.
  7. We reserve the right to check anglers rigs.
  8. Fishing from marked swims only, no swims to be altered.
  9. Radio controlled bait boats are allowed, not rowing boats or dinghies.
  10. All anglers must be in possession of an EA rod licence.

We reserve the right to alter rules at any point during the season.

Anglers breaking any of the rules will risk having their tickets confiscated and banned from the fishery.