The Fishery: Rougham Carp Fishery is a mature 3.5 acre estate lake set in the beautiful Suffolk countryside. It is a classic looking estate lake surrounded by woodland with depths varying from 2ft down to 6ft along the dam wall.

The lake contains a range of features such as lily beds, island margins, silt beds and overhanging trees. Fishing is from just two banks with space between swims to ensure each angler has plenty of water to fish. Each swim is situated so that you have plenty of features you can place a rod to.

Fish Stocks: The fishery contains approximately 150-200 carp with the perfect blend of original fish, some of which are over 40 years old, combined with the addition of 80 carp supplied by some of the country’s leading carp farms. In 2011 the fishery benefitted from the stocking of 30 quality carp supplied by VS fisheries as well as 10 Dinton strain mirrors. The largest of these stocked fish is currently mid twenty with all of them well into double figures and growing fast. In early 2014 the lake was stocked with a further 40 handpicked carp from Deben Valley Fisheries that will ensure the future of the fishery for years to come. There are currently 25-30 20lb plus carp up to 30lbs with the remaining fish all double figures.

Management: The fishery is jointly managed by Keith Davies, Paul Curry and  James Anderson. Keith has been carp angling for more years than he cares remember and has fished a wide variety of venues over the years gaining a wealth of experience. Paul is a keen carp angler with over 25 years experience and having fished some of the most famous carp fisheries in East Anglia. James is a lecturer in fishery management at Easton & Otley College as well as running a small carp farm. Together they have a wealth of experience and expertise that enables them to develop Rougham Carp Fishery into one of Suffolk’s leading carp venues.

With yearly stock management our aim in the next few years is to create a fishery unique in the area with a large head of 20lb carp and a number of 30lb fish. When you join our fishery you not only gain access to some great fishing and a tranquil environment but you are also investing in the future of this very special place.

Tuition: Tutorials are available covering a range of methods to be succesful at the fishery. Please get in touch or see here for more info- www.anglingtuition.com/. Discounts are available for all members.